Types Of Dedicated Servers

Some of the types include cheap, standard, enterprise, and high-performance dedicated servers. Finding out how these types differ can help you choose the right option.

If you would like to deliver an excellent user experience to potential clients that visit your website, you should consider getting a dedicated server. This can make your website perform better and give you the freedom to run different apps and your favorite operating system.

Which dedicated server is right for me?

Though many people understand the importance of a dedicated server, they struggle to choose one type from the different forms available. Your selection no longer has to feel overwhelming since we will discuss some of the dedicated servers to help you decide which one is right for you. The types of dedicated servers include the following.

Cheap dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are not new to the hosting world. These have existed for a long time. When hosting was first introduced, many people chose between shared web hosting and dedicated servers. Virtual private servers were introduced a bit later. Website owners that initially chose shared hosting managed built traffic to high levels where this form of hosting could no longer work for their sites. They, therefore, looked for cheap dedicated servers that could eliminate most of the performance issues that they faced from shared hosting services.

Though dedicated servers have come a long way, this type of dedicated server is still available up to now. Cheap dedicated servers are ideal for medium and small-sized businesses. Startups can also consider this type of dedicated server. It can help you get better performance and greater reliability that is hard to find in shared web hosting. This type of dedicated server can boost the response time of your website.

You can get this type of dedicated server from companies such as SiteGround and GoDaddy. This type of dedicated server is the cheapest among the rest. Most providers that offer it charge monthly rates for the cheap dedicated server. You can also pay for such a server on an annual basis.

Standard dedicated server

If you feel that the specs of a cheap dedicated server are not adequate for your business, you should consider a standard dedicated server. This offers better performance and a higher quality build compared to the previous type of dedicated server. It is also ideal for medium-sized businesses. Some startups also choose this type of dedicated server since they need dedicated resources upon launching their websites.

Standard dedicated servers are available at different cloud companies as well as a business-class data center. This type of dedicated server is more expensive than cheap dedicated servers. It, however, features better specifications such as 64 GB DDR4 RAM and a 1TB hard drive. You can configure a standard dedicated server easily based on your requirements.

This dedicated server allows you to increase the hard drive, RAM as well as bandwidth. Once you invest in a standard dedicated server, you can even add extra hard drives and operations such as RAID. Most of the dedicated server hosting providers that offer this type provide options such as unmanaged and managed. You may even find a provider that also provides migration services.

Enterprise dedicated server

Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, you can consider this type of dedicated server. It is also suited for large global enterprises. This is a business class dedicated server that has similar hardware to that of an IT department. An enterprise dedicated server is more advanced than the types above since it is designed for maximum performance and reliability.

If you choose this type of dedicated server for your website, you can enjoy a high level of customization. It can help you customize resources such as RAM, CPU, HDD/SDD, and RAID. If you get a good hosting provider for the enterprise dedicated server, you may get access to options such as DIA, cloud direct connects, and IP addresses.

Rather than paying a monthly transfer rate for the enterprise dedicated server, a provider may charge you by internet circuits such as 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or 200 Mbps. This dedicated server comes with better specs than the standard dedicated server. For instance, it features RAM of up to 1B, a hard drive of up to 50 TB, and a 3.2 GHz Turbo. This server is ideal for databases, analytics processing, and applications.

High performance dedicated server

Rather than purchasing costly hardware for high-performance computing, you should consider leasing and running this type of dedicated server. This type of server is ideal for big data analytics and scientific computation. Such a dedicated server is designed for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It includes GPU hardware from manufacturers such as AMD and NVIDIA. Since it is the most advanced type of dedicated server, you should expect excellent specs in it. Some of them include cloud storage of 10 GB, 960 GB SSD, and RAM of 64 GB.

The specs of different dedicated servers

Cheap dedicated servers Standard dedicated server Enterprise dedicated server High performance dedicated server
  • 500 GB storage
  • 3 IP addresses
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 TB bandwidth
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 15 TB transfer
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • 3.2GHz Turbo
  • 1TB RAM
  • Hard drive of up to 50 TB
  • 15 IP addresses
  • DDR4: 64 GB
  • Cloud storage of 10 GB
  • SSD: 960 GB
  • 100 TB transfer


Dedicated servers come in different types that one can choose from. As you compare the types we have discussed, you should also pay attention to the specs to determine which type would be an ideal fit.


What is a dedicated server?

This is a form of web hosting that can give you exclusive use of the entire server. With such a server, you will not share server resources such as the CPU or RAM with any other website user.

What are the applications of dedicated servers?

Though the most common is web hosting, you can also find dedicated servers for other applications, including email, gaming, and forex trading.

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