Established in 2018, Ultahost swiftly emerged as a dynamic player in the hosting arena, carving its path as one of the freshest faces in the market. Yet, its growth has been nothing short of impressive, swiftly capturing the attention of discerning webmasters in pursuit of the ultimate solution for their online endeavors.

Distinguished by an exceptional 4.9-star rating from a substantial pool of 554 reviews on BMFHost, Ultahost stands tall, a testament to the overwhelmingly positive experiences shared by its users. Notably, its superlative services and intuitive user interface have garnered resounding praise. While the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating remains uncharted territory for Ultahost, its Trustpilot standing proudly reflects a noteworthy 4.6 out of 5.0, backed by an impressive tally of over 272 reviews.

The array of services offered by Ultahost is as diverse as it is comprehensive, encompassing shared hosting, VPS, WordPress, a cutting-edge hybrid VDS (virtual dedicated server), dedicated hosting, and reseller options. In addition, Ultahost extends its prowess to include specialized packages tailored for specific niches, such as social network hosting and ecommerce hosting, alongside reliable email hosting solutions.

In my confident assessment, Ultahost seamlessly embodies the qualities of a dependable and adaptable hosting powerhouse, presenting an extensive spectrum of plans that undoubtedly make it the premier choice for a myriad of website owners.

Ultahost caters to a wide spectrum of users, offering tailor-made hosting solutions suitable for beginners and established industry leaders alike. Their focus on top-notch VPS and managed hosting services ensures seamless website performance without the complexities.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Transparent Pricing
  • Founder-Led
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Highly User-Friendly Interface
  • Robust Security Offerings
  • Complimentary Domain and SSL
  • Effortless Website Migration


  • Not the Most Budget-Friendly Choice

Rating Breakdown

At BMFHost, we have meticulously developed a hosting rating methodology, establishing a comprehensive set of criteria that underpins our assessment of diverse brands and their offerings.

In a landscape abundant with countless providers, including a constant influx of newcomers, it becomes imperative to possess a uniform framework for precise comparisons.

Our unwavering rating methodology achieves precisely this, enabling us to assign scores to each host based on their performance across essential parameters that hold utmost significance for your website and the holistic success of your business!

Assessment Breakdown

Pricing: 9.5

Ultahost stands out with its competitive pricing, setting them apart from the competition. A solid 9.5 score reflects their commitment to upfront costs and a lack of hidden charges, ensuring a transparent hosting experience.

Features: 9.0

Loaded with SSD servers, complimentary domain and SSL, daily backups, and a contemporary cPanel, Ultahost shines in the feature department. A score of 9.0 underscores their provision of essential tools right from the start.

Performance: 8.0

Boasting commendable response times, a robust 99.9% uptime, SSD servers and storage, as well as proactive monitoring, Ultahost earns an 8.0 in performance. While strong, there’s room for speed improvement when compared to swifter hosts.

User Friendliness: 8.5

Ultahost’s modern cPanel, seamlessly intuitive user interface, and effortless 1-click installations contribute to a user-friendly environment. A confident 8.5 score acknowledges their accessibility, even as some rivals offer custom control panel alternatives.

Support: 9.5

Scoring an impressive 9.5, Ultahost’s support offerings are expansive. With live chat, ticketing, phone assistance, comprehensive FAQs, email support, video tutorials, a vast knowledge base, and versatile tutorials, their support services are exceptional, accessible even before becoming a customer.

Ultahost Prices & Plans – 2023

Diverse Hosting Solutions

Ultahost extends an array of hosting solutions, encompassing shared, VPS, a cutting-edge hybrid VPS-dedicated (VDS), dedicated, and reseller options, catering to every client’s unique requirements. Moreover, their services span beyond hosting, including email hosting, integration of the Weebly website builder, and specialized plans tailored for social networks, Ecommerce, and CRM platforms.

Risk-Free Satisfaction

With most plans, Ultahost ensures your confidence with a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. This empowers you to thoroughly assess their offerings and ascertain if they align seamlessly with your needs. Within this duration, if you find their services not meeting your expectations, requesting a refund is a straightforward process.

Flexible Payment Choices

Ultahost’s commitment to your convenience is evident through their varied payment methods. As you make the commitment, you have the flexibility to pay via credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, and even the innovative avenue of Bitcoin, providing you with a range of options that suit your preferences.

Ultahost – Share Hosting

Ultahost shared hosting

My Top Pick

My top recommendation is Ultahost’s shared business plan, widely acclaimed as the most popular choice. Currently, they are presenting an enticing 30% discount for this particular plan. With this offer, you secure a substantial 80 GB of storage, enjoy the freedom of unmetered bandwidth, and gain the capability to host an unlimited number of websites.

Insider Insight

Insider Insight: For smaller websites with limited content and moderate traffic, Ultahost’s shared plans stand out as the optimal solution. These plans not only provide efficient hosting but also come at the most budget-friendly rates within the host’s array of offerings.

UltaHost – VPS

Ultahost - VPS

My Suggestion

For optimal performance and versatility, I suggest considering the VPS Professional plan from the host. This plan ensures a generous 75 GB of storage and allows unlimited websites across all tiers.

Key Insight

Ultahost provides VPS plans featuring a variety of control panels – Hestia & CyberPanel, Plesk panel, and cPanel. Tailored to suit mid-sized enterprises, these VPS plans are tailored for those already experiencing a few thousand visits or anticipating traffic spikes. If this resonates with your situation, one of these plans could be an ideal fit.

Dedicated Server

Ultahost Dedicated Server

Unified Resource Allocation

At Ultahost, you’ll find consistent resource offerings across all three control panels, each with its distinct pricing structure. My unequivocal recommendation stands for the ULTA AX160-NVME plan across these panels – a choice that guarantees exceptional value.

Expert Advice

Ultahost’s dedicated plans are an optimum choice for high-traffic websites or those dealing with sensitive data. With robust security measures in place, these plans ensure the utmost protection against potential threats or network-wide breaches.


Ultahost Resellers

My Strong Suggestion

For a reseller plan that truly stands out, I wholeheartedly endorse Ultahost’s ULTA 50. This option encompasses a substantial 350 GB of storage, unrestricted bandwidth, the liberty to host an unlimited number of sites, and grants access to an impressive 50 cPanel accounts.

Insider Tip

Ultahost’s reseller plans present an exceptional opportunity for budding hosting platforms that are seeking third-party services and haven’t yet established their own data centers. These plans serve as an ideal stepping stone for newcomers in the field.

Key Attributes

  • Complimentary Domain & SSL
  • Daily Backups & Seamless Migration at No Extra Cost
  • Harnessing the Speed of SSD Servers
  • Live Malware Safeguard in Real Time
  • Effortless Management with Multi-Panel Support

What truly distinguishes Ultahost is its unwavering commitment to crystal-clear pricing models and an array of included bonuses that come standard.

Unlike some providers that lure you in with initial discounts only to inflate prices upon renewal, Ultahost takes pride in its straightforward approach. Rest assured, their pricing plans are both transparent and available on a flexible monthly or annual billing basis:



Crucial Performance Insights

When evaluating potential hosts, performance takes center stage. What performance benchmarks hold the utmost significance for your website? And how can you establish a comprehensive gauge of a host’s performance?

Speed, uptime, and average load times stand as the pivotal metrics!

Speed quantifies the swiftness with which servers transmit data to visiting users.

Uptime gauges the extent to which your host’s servers remain operational.

Load time appraises the speed at which your web pages achieve full functionality.

For optimal outcomes, Google suggests a fully loaded time of 1-2 seconds.

I conducted a rigorous performance assessment of Ultahost through GTMetrix, subjecting the host’s domain to comprehensive analysis. While utilizing a website hosted on Ultahost would yield even more precise outcomes, my efforts to acquire such a site, despite engaging with help agents, were regrettably unsuccessful.

Nonetheless, the results were as follows:

GTmetrix ultahost

On GTMetrix, Ultahost.com exhibited exceptional response time and an overall performance rating of 98%, significantly surpassing the average benchmark.

It’s important to distinguish between uptime and overall performance. Additionally, the fully loaded time is significantly influenced by website design and structure. Notably, the provider upholds the industry-standard 99.9% uptime commitment.

Level Of Support

The Highlight? Exceptional Support.

In the realm of customer support, Ultahost truly shines, offering round-the-clock assistance through various channels:

Live Chat

ultahost live support

Experience the comfort of genuine human interaction – a refreshing departure from the era of automated responses. In under 30 seconds, a live chat agent is at your service, promptly addressing inquiries and showcasing impressive courtesy. The only minor drawback was that the chat window closed upon minimizing the browser.


ultahost phone support

For direct support, Ultahost extends helplines within the U.S.A and Turkey (the country of its origin). Though I made an attempt from Nigeria, my current location, connecting proved challenging.


ultahost email support

Defying the trend, Ultahost provides vital email support, a rarity among other providers.


ultahost - ticket support

As a seamless extension of email support, the option to raise support tickets ensures dedicated agent assistance as you work towards a resolution.

Comprehensive Video Guides

ultahost video guides

Unveiling a truly exceptional support feature that often eludes many other hosting providers – video guides. A testament to Ultahost’s commitment, these video tutorials, expertly crafted, unravel intricate concepts using simple, relatable language, catering to visual learners like myself.

Robust Knowledgebase

ultahost knowledge base

Last but not least, the invaluable knowledgebase, a time-tested resource equipped with an efficient built-in search engine, adeptly navigating through an extensive collection of FAQs and illuminating getting-started guides.

User-Friendly Experience – Seamless Setup

Navigating the initial steps with Ultahost and establishing your essential tools and applications is a breeze. Allow me to guide you through the process:

Getting Started

Eager to embark on your Ultahost journey? It’s as simple as selecting one of their plans, providing your information, and you’re all set.

Using their shared plans as a model, just click on ‘Order’:

ultahost shared hosting sign up

Proceeding, you have the choice of either registering a new domain or utilizing an existing one. Complete the domain name and extension (.com, .net, etc.), then move forward.

Ultahost grants you the flexibility to opt for diverse payment plans – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, or triennially. Select your preferred option, pinpoint your server location, choose the desired SSL certificate type, decide on the inclusion of their free website builder, and explore any extra add-ons.

ultahost registration

Click ‘Continue’ to seamlessly progress to the checkout stage.

At the checkout, input your payment particulars, account information, and any additional add-ons you’ve selected.

With that, your account is created within the host’s domain, and you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your account details.

Confidently proceed, as Ultahost streamlines the journey toward establishing your online presence.

Ultahost control panel

ultahost control panel

Empowerment Through Platform Access

Upon becoming a part of the platform, seamless access to your client dashboard awaits. From here, you can effortlessly navigate to the host’s cutting-edge cPanel with a single click. At Ultahost, cPanel is the cornerstone of all backend adjustments, handing you the reins for managing your domains, emails, databases, and other pivotal operations.

Simplified WordPress Installation on Ultahost

For the swiftest and most user-friendly installation of WordPress on your Ultahost account, the optimal route is enrolling in one of the host’s WordPress plans. Each WordPress plan encompasses automated WordPress installations, a handy WordPress staging tool, an array of WordPress plugins, and reliable backup solutions tailored for WordPress.

ultahost cpanel

Effortless Email Integration on Ultahost

Integrating an email with your domain name within your cPanel account at Ultahost couldn’t be more straightforward.

Once inside, navigate to ‘Email Accounts’ under the ‘Email’ section. Click ‘CREATE’ and effortlessly input the requisite email details – address, associated domain, password, mailbox size, and opt for ‘Do not automatically create folders’:

A single click on ‘Create,’ and you’re all set!

Confidently manage your digital domain with Ultahost, where streamlined processes elevate your control over essential facets.

Final Verdict: Ultahost Gets a Thumbs Up

While Ultahost may not be the industry giant, it’s quickly gaining recognition for its distinctive offerings. Notably, their emphasis on budget-friendly plans has garnered attention. Having meticulously assessed the host, I did observe a potential area for improvement in their speed. My comprehensive testing revealed TTFB values hovering around 900 ms, indicating room for enhancement.

Yet, given their status as a burgeoning player in the field, this is not unexpected. A notable highlight lies in their transparent pricing model and exceptional support services.

In conclusion, I confidently endorse Ultahost for small to mid-sized businesses seeking cost-effective solutions with the added assurance of accessible and effective support just moments away.

Ultahost Details

Payment Methods
Platform Security
Risk-Free & Money-Back
Services & Features
Customer Service
9.8 Overall Rating

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