Hostens stands as a prominent division under the esteemed umbrella of Interneto Vizija, Ltd., a distinguished European web hosting entity. Rooted in its inception in 2003, the company’s meteoric rise has culminated in servicing an extensive clientele exceeding 100,000 across the expanse of Europe. Merging budget-friendly and scalable choices with cutting-edge enterprise technology, our prowess lies in furnishing clients with a comprehensive array of offerings encompassing domain registration, web hosting, and VPS services.

  • Very affordable hosting plans
  • Free domains and lots of freebies
  • SSD hard drives
  • Intuitive UI/dashboard area
  • Free domain and goodies
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Intuitive website builder
  • Large blog with helpful articles
  • No WordPress tailored hosting

Look no further than Hostens for an exceptional website hosting solution that perfectly aligns with your budgetary considerations. For a mere $1.50 per month, you can seamlessly establish your online presence. The added advantage lies in the immediate access to essential security features, ensuring unwavering safeguarding for your website. Don’t hesitate – explore their array of plans today and embark on your online journey with confidence.

Hostens Prices & Plans – 2023

Hostens presents an extensive array of hosting solutions, encompassing shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting, catering adeptly to the diverse needs of our clientele. Within each hosting category, you’ll encounter three meticulously crafted plans, seamlessly blending affordability with a wealth of features.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we institute value-added tax (VAT) exclusively for customers within the EU, with the exception of non-EU patrons or EU corporations possessing a valid VAT number. To further underscore our dedication to client satisfaction, a comprehensive 30-day money-back guarantee is extended to an array of plans, spanning Container VPS, Storage VPS, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, VPN, Spam Filter, SEO Tool, Shared Hosting, and Reseller hosting.

Experience convenience in payment methods as we facilitate transactions through PayPal, Stripe (leveraging credit cards), and direct bank transfers tailored to specific regions.

Worth noting is that the prices outlined herein are pertinent to the acquisition of a 3-year plan. Rest assured, Hostens stands resolute in delivering a seamless and enriching hosting experience.

Shared web hosting

hostens shared web hosting

The optimal choice, the s20 plan, bestows upon you an impressive package: 2GB of disk space, a generous 2TB bandwidth allocation, accommodation for 20 databases and website spaces, bolstered by 200 email accounts and fortified by daily/weekly backups – a comprehensive suite of offerings, all seamlessly bundled at an enticing $2.40 per month.

Insight: Hostens’ shared web hosting plans seamlessly cater to fledgling and compact websites. Embark on your journey by opting for the introductory plan, with the assurance that seamless upgrades are readily available to accommodate your website’s organic expansion.

Reseller Hosting

hostens Reseller Hosting

Hostens places a distinct emphasis on endorsing the r20 plan, a discerning choice that furnishes an expansive array of features. This plan encompasses a substantial 40GB of disk space, an impressive bandwidth allocation of 4TB, facilitation for 20 accounts, a robust arsenal of 200 databases, coupled with ample website spaces. Moreover, it provides an abundant allocation of 2000 email accounts, seamlessly integrated with cPanel/WHM for a comprehensive hosting experience.

Insight: Hostens’ reseller hosting plans stand as a definitive gateway for both individuals and enterprises seeking to embark on the realm of hosting space and resource resale. Our meticulously curated plans boast contemporary tools and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring an unequivocally empowered reselling experience.

VPS Hosting

hostens vps hosting

Within the VPS realm, Hostens unveils an array of hosting plans including Linux VPS, Windows VPS, container VPS, and storage VPS options. These plans share a coherent structure, distinguished primarily by variations in disk space, bandwidth, and pricing. Notably, the Medium plan garners Hostens’ confident recommendation across this comprehensive spectrum.

Recommendation: Opt for any of these VPS plans with the assurance of harnessing hosting resources adeptly tailored to your scalability needs, poised to dynamically accommodate fluctuations in demand.

Key Attributes

  • Complimentary domain & SSL inclusion
  • Robust website builder
  • Enhanced SSD storage performance
  • Cloud-integrated hosting infrastructure
  • Proficient DDoS mitigation
  • Hassle-free domain transfer
  • Support for over 10 websites across all tiers
  • Streamlined 1-click installations for popular applications
  • Routine daily/weekly backup protocols

Hostens’ comprehensive plans boast an array of advanced features. Beyond the aforementioned attributes, you’ll also benefit from multiple PHP versions, a reliable Apache web service, dedicated 4Gbps uplink, versatile database options ranging from 10 to 300, and an expansive collection of email accounts, among other offerings.

hostens features


Evaluating performance stands as a pivotal yardstick when assessing a hosting provider. The significance lies in ensuring your website isn’t tethered to sluggish servers or plagued by frequent downtime. Thus, when deliberating on a hosting choice, meticulous scrutiny of three pivotal metrics becomes paramount: speed, uptime, and average fully loaded time.

Speed, often gauged through the host’s first byte (TTFB) measurement, delineates the interval prior to the host’s servers dispatch the initial byte of data to the user’s site.

Uptime succinctly encapsulates the host server’s consistent online presence throughout a designated timeframe, with the industry standard revolving around a robust 99% uptime guarantee.

Employing GTMetrix, I subjected a website hosted by Hostens to comprehensive testing to discern its holistic performance, culminating in an exemplary outcome. The website showcased an impressive 180 ms TTFB coupled with a brisk 1.2-second fully loaded time. The overarching performance delivered an impressive 89% score:

hostens brand review

It’s worth noting that while TTFB and uptime mirror the health of the host’s servers, the fully loaded time intersects with other facets, such as website design and structure, to collectively sculpt the user experience.

More about Hostens

Level Of Support

Support Accessibility

Hostens ensures seamless access to their support team through a range of channels, including live chat, email, social media, and live tickets. Supplementary assistance is available via their knowledgebase and informative blog.

Live Chat

While the company promotes a live chat feature, I’ve encountered challenges locating the option on the website, even within my capacity as a customer. Notably, I observed the presence of the live chat button adjacent to the contact form; however, it appeared to be inactive.

Hostens live chat

Contact Form

Initiating contact with Hostens’ support team involves completing and submitting their contact form. Typically, responses are generated within an hour of receipt, with a maximum allowance of up to 1 day.

Hostens contact


Should inquiries pertain to the acquisition of new plans, you can readily engage with the support team by forwarding your queries to [email protected].


For those inclined toward self-guided learning, Hostens offers a comprehensive blog encompassing a diverse array of subjects, including industry updates, valuable insights, practical tips, and a deeper understanding of both Hostens and their knowledgebase.

Hostens blog

User-Friendliness – Ease of use

Registration Made Easy

The registration procedure for Koddos has been streamlined for your convenience. By furnishing your pertinent details, an account tailored to your needs will promptly be established.

Access the account registration form by navigating to the sign-up page.

Hostens sign up page

Effortlessly provide the necessary personal information and proceed to submit.

Upon the subsequent page, employ your email and password to seamlessly access your account dashboard/client area.

hostens brand review

From this vantage point, you are now empowered to embark on your journey by effortlessly procuring a new hosting service from Hostens and promptly registering a new domain to complement your website.

Hostens’ Control Panel

Seamless Management with Hostens

One of Hostens’ standout features is their client dashboard – a clutter-free, user-friendly interface that ensures effortless navigation. This centralized hub enables you to seamlessly install tools, manage packages, and oversee your hosting account, all from a single location. What’s more, its mobile-friendly design ensures convenience on the go.

hostens brand review dashboard

Opting for Hostens’ shared web hosting plan brings the added benefit of cPanel. Meanwhile, VPS hosting grants you access to two additional panels, Plesk and DirectAdmin, enhancing your control and customization options.

Installing WordPress on Hostens is a straightforward process, thanks to the servers being pre-equipped with PHP – the essential programming language for WordPress. The installation mirrors the familiar steps you’d take on any other host:

  1. Download the WordPress software via cPanel.
  2. Execute the software.
  3. Navigate the setup wizard to configure your website.
  4. Establish a domain name link within cPanel.

And just like that, your WordPress website is up and running, courtesy of Hostens’ seamless setup.

Setting Up Email Accounts on Hostens

When it comes to email functionality, Hostens truly shines. Offering a minimum of 10 email accounts across all hosting plans, the process is a breeze. By accessing cPanel, you can effortlessly create your email accounts. Simply log in, navigate to the Email section, and click on Email Accounts. After inputting the necessary information, a quick click on the “Create Account” button completes the setup.

In Conclusion: Our Resounding Recommendation for Hostens

Hostens emerges as an exceptional hosting provider tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized websites. Their commitment to delivering high-speed, secure solutions is paired with an impressively affordable price point and a comprehensive array of features.

We confidently endorse Hostens as a top-tier hosting choice, embodying exceptional value for your investment. Their budget-friendly plans become even more enticing with extended discounts for multi-year commitments. Notably, Hostens’ intuitive UI design, clutter-free dashboard, and knowledge-rich blog further solidify their standing.

While the absence of a live chat feature is worth mentioning, our endorsement of Hostens remains unwavering. If you’re seeking a hosting provider that seamlessly combines speed, security, and affordability, look no further than Hostens.

Hostens Details

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