How to install mailwizz on VPS

You’ve asked us on social media, how to install Mailwizz on VPS? we got you covered in the answer below.

Most email marketers like using mailwizz due to its efficient and simple design. This is an email marketing application that has an impressive set of features.

If you want to utilize mailwizz in your email marketing campaigns, you should first learn how to install it on VPS. You need a domain and a VPS server. Start by purchasing mailwizz, then extract the file. Upload the files in the latest subfolder on the virtual server. You should then add Nginx rewrite rules by following specific commands and then follow the installation wizard’s guidelines. Once you install mailwizz on VPS, you should set up cronjobs then consider securing with free SSL. Here is more!

Introduction to Mailwizz

Most businesses and customers communicate through email. Customers send their complaints and queries to businesses through email. On the other hand, businesses and enterprises use email to market and advertise their services or products to potential clients.

When it comes to utilizing email, businesses can achieve their goals better by using email marketing software tools. One of the tools that you should consider using is Mailwizz. This is an email marketing software that is suited for both beginners and experts. It can help business owners manage emails easily. Using this tool can help you send numerous emails to clients with ease.

What you need to set up mailwizz

You can use this self-hosted application to create your email marketing system. An email marketing system is made up of two parts. The first is the SMTP service that enables you to send different emails through the web and the management application, which lets you manage and configure your email lists and marketing campaigns. You can purchase mailwizz from CodeCanyon.

Once you buy this premium software, you should get a domain and hosting. Getting a website is a straightforward process. You should visit any domain registrar company such as Godaddy, Bluehost, or Enom for you to purchase a website name. Ensure that you get a domain name that reflects your business.

When it comes to hosting, most email marketers prefer using unmanaged VPS. You can check different companies for you to shop for a VPS server. You should get a VPS that features RAM of at least 2GB. Once you get a VPS server, you can now install mailwizz on VPS.

Installing mailwizz on VPS

Upload mailwizz

To achieve this, you should first extract the file that you have just downloaded from CodeCanyon. Once you extract the zip file to a local folder, you should find two sub-folders in it. One of them is labeled update, while the other sub-folder is labeled latest. Focus on the files found inside the latest subfolder. Everything that is found in this sub-folder has to be uploaded on the virtual server you established for the domain. Most people utilize Firezilla when uploading files to the server.

Use Nginx

To install mailwizz on VPS, you can use web server software such as Nginx. This is a lightweight and fast webserver software that can help you get the most out of an unmanaged VPS. You should, however, note that mailwizz does not directly work with Nginx. You first have to make a few adjustments to the software configuration. Start by adding Nginx rewrite rules for this email marketing application. To achieve this, you have to follow specific commands. Once you do this, ensure that you close the file then restart Nginx.

Install mailwizz on the VPS server

Once you have followed the right commands, you should now be able to install mailwizz on VPS easily. Start by pointing the browser to the install directory. Once you do this, a certain page will be displayed. Installation wizard can guide you through the mailwizz installation. Ensure that you have MySQL credentials. Optimizing MySQL can have a significant impact on how your Mailwizz server behaves.

Set up cronjobs

During the installation, you should also consider creating mailwizz cronjobs. This refers to scheduled tasks that can run automatically once scheduled. If, for instance, you come up with an email campaign that runs each week automatically, you should have a task that runs in the background automatically. This task can trigger the email campaign. Such tasks are known as cron jobs. The installation wizard will display cronjobs that you need to add to the screen. You have to follow specific commands for you to set up cronjobs.

Secure with free SSL

Though this step is optional, you should consider it once you install mailwizz on VPS. Web servers use SSL certificates to encrypt any traffic between the client and server. Focusing on SSL certificates can help you add extra security for people who access your application. You can get and install SSL certificates free of charge from Let’s Encrypt.

Once you do this, mailwizz install on VPS will now be complete. You can log in to the backend of the email marketing application with the password and username that you created during the installation wizard.

A summary of the merits and demerits of using Mailwizz

Merits Demerits
It has numerous functionalities. You have to add Cronjobs so that you can utilize this tool.
It prevents you from hiring external services to handle newsletters and emails. It only supports Linux operating system.
Customer support is available through forums, support tickets, and knowledgebase. Lacks live chat support.


One of the most famous segments in digital marketing is email marketing. If you are in this industry, you should consider installing mailwizz on VPS. This is a strong tool that you can use for digital marketing. Though installing mailwizz on VPS may seem like a challenging task, it does not have to be if you pay attention to the above steps.


What is the purpose of cronjobs?

These are tasks that are needed for mailwizz to help you send emails automatically.

Why should I choose the best email marketing service?

Email marketing is a good strategy that most small businesses embrace. Choosing the best software can ensure that your emails get delivered.

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